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Rules of the Race

Run For Life Virtual Running Rules-2021

  1. Run For Life 2021 will be held virtually. Athletes complete the race by running the distance of 5 km on the tracks determined by them, at any time they want while the race is kept opened.
  2. There is no predetermined starting and ending points in the race, and there are also no officials and referees to follow the race. We believe that everyone will be their own referee within the framework of the ethical values of athletes. It is the athlete’s responsibility to start, run and complete the race.
  3. Time and distance measurement will be made through Strava. For this reason, each participant should create a Strava account before the race, make their profile visible to public and share their username with the organization.
  4. Run For Life is an outdoor race, Run For Life is an open field race, it is the athlete’s responsibility to operate the GPS sensors correctly in order for time to be measured. Activities performed on the treadmill or indoors will be considered as invalid.
  5. You can participate in the race with smart phones and GPS watches containing Strava integration.
  6. While evaluating the results, the difference between the starting and ending time will be calculated. This time is called as Elapsed Time on Strava. In other words, pausing the application during the race or taking a break will not be deducted from your race time.
  7. The organization cannot be held liable for malfunctions due to user error or third-party applications.
  8. Athletes who will race for the prize are going to be asked to prove the degree they ran. For this reason, the race degree they ran last year, cadence information during the activity (number of steps per minute), heart rate data recorded during the activity, max VO2, aerobic lactate threshold value, instant coordinate data and time stamp information of this data GPX, TCX, KML or FIT format can be requested. The runner who cannot transmit this data to the organization or in a condition that it is not concluded that the transmitted data is not obtained by running, the competitor will be unclassified. The organization committee is the only authority to make decisions on this issue, the decision of the committee is final and cannot be appealed.
  9. The race consists of running a distance of 5 km in a virtual environment. There is no fixed track and time. All participants create their own tracks. In order for the race track to be considered valid, the average slope must be zero or more. Athletes running on the tracks with negative slope, that is, the majority of the distance will be run downhill, will not be included in the classification. The altitude difference between the start and end point will be taken into account when making this calculation. Apart from this, there may be ups and downs on the track in a way that the starting point is not higher than the ending point, or the track may be straight. Altitude sensitivity is + – 5 m.
  10. In order for the race results to be evaluated, the activity name recorded on Strava should be saved as “Run For Life”. Races run under the name of an external activity will not be evaluated.
  11. Run For Life is a race organized to run, it is not possible to participate in the race by bike, roller skate or any other vehicle.
  12. Participants are responsible for proving that they are running. If necessary, gpx data may be requested from the athletes. Athletes who do not provide this may be excluded from the race.
  13. A race kit will be given to the first 1500 athletes registered in Run For Life. The distribution of the kits will be made by appointment. The right of the athlete who does not receive his kit at the specified appointment time will be transferred to the next athlete. There will be no change in the participation status of the athletes in this situation.
  14. The race kit is personal and must be received in person.
  15. It is under the responsibility of participants to comply with general traffic rules, property rights and safety rules during the race. In case of violation of the rules, the addressee of legal problems is the participant, the organization cannot be held responsible.
  16. Foot-races are activities that require physical efforts and force the human body both anatomically and physiologically. Participants who have health problems that may prevent running cannot participate in the competition. If such athletes participate in the race, the organization cannot be held responsible under any circumstances.
  17. Run For Life will be held virtually because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the participants should not behave in a way that would endanger both their own health and public health.
  18. Participants are obliged to comply with the rules of Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic issued relating to Covid-19. In addition, the organization cannot be held responsible for any changes made by the Ministry. Participants are obliged to follow all updates and fulfill the requirements.
  19. The rights of the taken photographs and other images during the race belong to the organization, no rights can be claimed.
  20. It is the athlete’s responsibility to create a safe track in accordance with the rules of the race, and to run on this track
  21. Some of the tracks may pass through roads open to traffic. It is the competitor’s responsibility to obey the traffic rules, pay attention to the vehicles and pass safely.
  22. The organizing committee may identify individuals who do not respect the competition rules, other competitors, organization officials, local people and applicable laws, ethical principles, and act in an illegal and disturbing manner, immediately exclude them from starting the race, cancel their rank if the race is over, He/she can reclaim his medals and awards, he/she reserves the right not to accept registration for continuing races and to cancel his/her registration if registered.
  23. Participation certificates will be distributed digitally, not printed.
  24. Participants must present their IDs, and sign the waiver notice in order to receive their racing kits. Each participant must receive their kit personally. No one other than the participant can receive a kit that does not belong to them.
  25. The rules of Athletics Federation of Turkey will be applied on the topics, which were not mentioned on this site.
  26. Participants read and approve rules of the race, and race by taking their own responsibility.